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Sometimes, little things make a big difference and this 11 gram unit is ideal for carrying in a shirt pocket, boot, and vehicle or for hand held concealment for close-in encounters. Their size is small but the effects are big!

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This unit is oil based, Taser safe and non-flammable. Splatter Stream spray pattern reaches 8-10 feet. The size of the unit is 3” H x 3/4” Diameter Canister alone:0.4 oz., 3”H x ¾” Dia.; approx. 10 ½ sec. bursts in a splatter stream travel 8 to 10 feet. 3 ½” H x 1 ¼” Dia.; number of bursts, spray pattern and distance are the same. Key Chain unit: Discharges 8-10 one-half second bursts Invisible UV dye for suspect identification Nonflammable & Taser safe Birth date on each unit Up to a 2 year warranty FOX premium defense sprays provide the fastest-acting and most reliable formulas available. They also use the largest nozzle openings, meaning instead of discharging only a gram or less of formula per ½ second burst, these units discharge an astounding 3 grams! The primary benefits of discharging a greater volume per burst are increasing your odds of hitting your assailant in the face and eyes with the incredible FOX formula, thereby stopping them faster. Remember, no matter how good the formula, if you do not hit the subject in the face and eyes, you greatly reduce your chances of stopping them as fast as you would like to do. So, your decision is this: do you want a product that sounds good, or one that performs great? It is your safety, and your choice. If you do a bit more research you will find that FOX LABS has earned their reputation through proven performance (not by offering things that just “sound” good).

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